It has been said that it takes over 10, 000 hours to become a master, and in the last 35 years, Malcolm Hilton has most certainly achieved this. Clients travel across the globe to benefit from his expertise in the highly specialised Hilton Hair, Hair Loss Treatment.

The Hilton Hair, Hair Loss Treatment that has been developed and perfected by Malcolm Hilton is the perfect solution for men and women who have suffered any kind of hair loss, alopecia or severe scarring on their heads. Also known as SMP (Scalp Micro Pigmentation) , this life-changing treatment not only gives the appearance of hair but also restores the confidence that is often severely affected by loss or thinning of hair.

This transformative treatment, known as SMP, is highly advanced and makes use of the latest breakthroughs in hair technology. It replicates real hair follicles on the scalp creating a very detailed and natural looking simulation of micro hairs or stubble.



I have been playing with the idea of having the hair pigmentation procedure done for some time. As I have been bald since the age of 24 and being a model it really left me with a lot of indecision and scary nightmares. Will the procedure suit me? Will it changed my look? Being in the modelling industry and being classified as the bald guy really limited me going to castings and having to audition for certain jobs. So after all the back and fro and research I finally decided to approach a company rated as one of the best out there. What a nightmare it turned into, proving not be the best option.  After the second session I could see that something was not right. Dots the size of a nail head on my head. Instant panic! After going back to rectify the problem … nothing could be done. Thank God I stumbled onto Hilton Hair on the web. After a few calls and an appointment I was promised  that the problem could be fixed. Malcolm Hilton is a genius. After a couple of hours and perfect workmanship he turned my fears into pure joy. Totally happy with the results and my modelling career back on track and looking a few years younger its the best decision I could have made. Thank you Malcolm Hilton and Hilton Hair. Amazing!


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