About SMP

The sub-dermal micro pigmentation hair loss treatment for baldness is a relatively new procedure, but it has fast become extremely popular and well respected worldwide as one of the most natural looking and hassle free treatments available.

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Meet Malcolm

Hilton Hair is owned and operated exclusively by Malcolm Hilton. With many years of experience in his field, Malcolm has perfected this technique, and he takes what he does very seriously: “Rendering designs on people’s skin is a huge responsibility”.

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Our goal is to provide a transforming experience that you won’t forget with a level of comfort and privacy that you’d expect from a world class hair loss solution studio. During the initial consultation, an evaluation is carried out to determine the best solution for you.

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Book your Free Consultation

Your consultation is completely free of charge and with no obligation. Visit us today in Cape Town, Durban or Johannesburg, meet Malcolm and relax while we answer all of your questions. Rest assured, Hilton Hair will never make you feel pressured.


Hair loss is often a subject that many men and women shy away from. But after Micro-pigmentation treatment with Hilton Hair, many of our clients felt confident enough to tell us about their personal experience.


Procedures are carried out over between two to six sessions averaging three hours per session. The time depends on individual surgical history, head size and current hair loss.


SMP is designed to be a permanent solution to hair loss. It is long lasting and may fade over time. Should there be any fading the procedure may be enhanced with follow up sessions.